Botany Creative Works

based in Rogers, Minnesota


Phone: 942.457.8192

Prom Flowers

We absolutely love to make corsages, boutonnieres and flower halos! Please check out our instagram highlights for pictures of recent work.

In order to help us narrow down what you’d like, please fill out the information below. We will contact you back with additional information about pick-up, payment, etc.

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Let us know anything else. Allergies? Favorite flowers? We do our best to accommodate each request.
DD was fantastic to work with! We met with several other florists in the area and knew she was the right fit for us right away. She was very professional and responsive throughout the entire process, but at the same time it felt like you were working with someone you’ve known for a long time. The flowers were a staple for our big day as a number of guests made comments on them! I highly recommend meeting with Deanna!
— Josh W