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Botany Creative Works was born of the idea to go beyond the obvious design answers. We try to do this every single time we approach a project: do something different, maybe something weird, definitely something unexpected, but most of all? Make it beautiful. We love using different mediums in our work, whether it’s fresh flowers, paper, wood… really, just about anything.

Deanna (DD) is the creative director aka evil genius behind BCW, and loves dreaming up anything new and exciting. Easily bored by the status quo, a lot of time is put into heavily researching different looks, products, trends and obsessions. The rest of her work time is usually spent emailing, creating new color palettes, sweeping, cleaning and re-stacking buckets, and bugging her suppliers for Unicorn Flowers (PSA: not a real thing; Unicorn as in The-Perfect, Probably Out of Season, Possibly Non-existent, Amazing New Flower).

DD has worked in all manners of floral, management and visual merchandising since 1998. She knows the ins and outs of wholesale sourcing and buying, floral seasonality, showroom design, management, visual merchandising, rigging, installations, and wood-working (Okay that last one was a stretch, but her husband does fantastic wood-working and she’s happy to take the credit for it). DD studied visual communications at FIDM in Los Angeles before Lauren Conrad made it popular; where she really learned to push the limits of what makes good design. She has been named Installation Artist of the Year (2019) by Minnesota Bride and Floral Designer of the Year (2006) by the Minnesota State Florist’s Association.

While not working she enjoys cooking, baking, amateur gardening, Netflix Clubbing (like a book club, but Netflix), and being a mom to a gaggle of plants and children (3). Her husband is endlessly supportive and her children are remarkably unimpressed and uninterested in anything she does.

DD saved the day! My florist decided to change careers a few months prior to my wedding and man did DD deliver on our vision! I was so nervous but DD went above and beyond. My guests told me my wedding looked like a Pinterest wedding and what they wanted all of their weddings to look like. I couldn’t have been happier with our flowers and décor!
— Jennifer S