Kyley and Jared


When we phone-met Kyley, we knew it would be a good fit for us all; she was relaxed, easy to work with, and left the little details to us. She is a fellow industry professional (albeit from another state), so she really had a good idea of what she wanted.

A few weeks before her wedding, she emailed to ask about the possibility of adding a huge ceiling installation. We were thrilled! This addition, in our opinion, really took the wedding from beautiful to AMAZING. The whole process was relaxed, understated, and ended up being one of our favorite weddings. Kyley and Jared really nailed the low-key, majorly elegant vibe.

Photos courtesy Rachel Traxler


kyley ceremony.jpg
Kyley head table.jpg
Kyley bridesmaids 2.jpg
Kyley processional.jpg
I loved working with Deanna! She totally captured my vision. She looked at all my inspiration pictures (there were a bunch) and really took the time to understand the feel of our up north Minnesota forest wedding by asking to see pictures of my dress, the venue and the bridesmaid dresses! She made flower crowns and bouquets for me and all my bridesmaids, a boutonniere for the groom and corsage for MOB. The flowers were one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding. She was so prepared day of and took the time to explain the littlest details. During the face to face meeting we had with her, she handled the MOB’s multiple questions with grace and was very pleasant to work with. Having a vendor that is easy to communicate with, punctual and thorough is such a huge relief in the midst of wedding craziness (this type of vendor is hard to find!). She’s so talented, I feel like I got so much more than I paid for, I 100% recommend her.

— Hannah L

Christina and Kavi


We first met Christina and Kavi on a cold Minnesota day, and instantly fell in love with their energy. They very clearly knew what they didn’t want (a wedding that any other couple could be plugged into) and left what they did want (bright colors!) up to us. So pretty much, they were the best.

Kavi’s family owns a flower shop (hello, Above the Stem!) and they wanted to make the bouquets. We created a 30’ ceiling installation out of flagging tape; and created the most beautiful arrangements on the tables out of assorted orchids, local peonies and variegated and graphic foliages.

Photos courtesy Laura Rae Photography


Christina and Kavi tables
Christina and Kavi dancing
Christina and Kavi bridesmaids

The Knot Mixer


We partnered with The Knot to help put on a networking party for local event vendors. We had fun with 3 different installations; a free-standing dessert wall, a backdrop for the photo booth, and a standing frame for all of the vendor signage to be suspended from.

Photos courtesy Brian Bossany


the knot photo backdrop
the knot mixer room shot
the knot vendor signage
the knot mixer dessert wall